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Sustainable Tower.

Philadelphia, PA

Project Description

The Green Tower of Philadelphia is designed to set a precedent for modern green architecture in expanding prosperous American cities and serve as a sustainable template to grow and build from.  Philadelphia, being one of the oldest cities in America has a very developed and historical center city.  All the while across the river is the opportunity in the educational and hospital districts to develop and impact all of the city of Philadelphia for the better.  Philadelphia is already striving to be the most sustainable city in American with its Greenworks Philadelphia program, but what more could the city do to benefit the overall cause?  Set apart from center city Philadelphia – the aim for a tower of this magnitude is to make an impression on the community both figuratively and literally.  This green tower would be a gleaming example for all expansion on the other side of the city while giving unlimited potential for the Greenworks Philadelphia’s planned goals.


AIAS Sustainable Design Competition Winner

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